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Here at Precision Yoga, we believe that our teachers are the heart and soul of a movement urgently needed around the world.

We believe in the power of yoga to transform not just the health of individuals but the health of the planet and the universe as a connected whole.

We are looking for teachers who can allocate their time and resources to bring one-on-one precision yoga training to the West. We are eager to work with instructors who also offer the consistency and stability that our affluent clientele desires.

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Frequently Asked Questions.

After you create your profile with us, a member of our Human Resources team contacts you to discuss further details. We connect you with students, and then you begin teaching!

All sessions are conducted via the internet on live video.

You will earn a minimum of 700 INR for a 30-minute session and 1,000 INR for a 45-minute session. This is our baseline; we work with you to determine rates with which you are comfortable.

We view our existence in this movement as a bridge between yoga students and yoga teachers.

We operate with as little administrative expense as possible. Our goal is for better health achieved via yoga to be as affordable as possible for students and still as compelling and competitive to yoga teachers as possible. This way, you can do fewer sessions per day but still maintain teaching as your professional career.

Here at Precision Yoga, we are not your employers. We are your business partners. We help you learn how to reach students across the globe.

The minimum compensation you can expect for a 30-minute session is 700 INR, and the minimum compensation for a 45-minute session is 1,000 INR. Our Human Resources team discusses further possibilities with you when you sign up.

You must be a certified yoga instructor. You must be able to verbally communicate well in English. You must be open to training so that Precision Yoga can ensure the very best in quality, proper instruction of this discipline.

You also must have:

  • Fast, reliable internet access
  • Proper space from which to teach: a bright, clean, nicely decorated area
  • A computer or laptop with a high-quality webcam

We offer you a network of thousands of potential students looking for one-on-one yoga training. Our team has vast experience in marketing and commercializing health services in the United States. We stand ready to connect you with people who are eager to learn the intricacies of this ancient practice.

Plus, we adhere to a minimum compensation rate, so you always know your level of pay can only go up — not down!

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At Precision Yoga, it is our goal to widely impact the world via the proper and specific way to practice yoga. That’s why we’re here.

Yoga can work wonders as long as it is done right. It allows people to work their way to better health and connectivity with all the universe. That’s why we need you.

With your help as a certified, experienced instructor, we can help spread the immense benefits of yoga around the world, sharing our energy and improving our connectedness with one another.

We look forward to working with you!

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