1-on-1 Training that Works Wonders!

Yoga, done properly, is powerful. Precision Yoga exists because we truly wish to make the world a better place by helping people improve their health without side effects that are common with the use of medication and other methods.

Our Mission

At Precision Yoga, our role is to guide you, acting as facilitators as you select the experienced yoga professional who best fits your needs to embark on, and continue, your journey to better health.

We will help as you outline your goals, consider any physical limitations you may have, and address any concerns or other factors that will shape how the discipline of yoga benefits you. We will assist as you begin work with your yoga instructor, and we are your steadfast resource not just as you begin this quest, but all along the way.

Not just yoga,
Precision Yoga

Through Precision Yoga, you can ensure that your form, and therefore your results, are correct. Allocating your time towards a class is one thing — a serious focus on doing it right is what truly makes a difference.

Yoga can work wonders
as long as you do it right.

We want to help individuals achieve the best results by practicing yoga with specific guidance tailored to each person. Exercising with exactness will help you reach your goals for good health.


the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint.

Freedom is one of the highest virtues. We believe that being locked into an arbitrary contract for services is in violation of this virtue.

Based on principle, we oppose blanket charges for subscriptions or packages that lock you into a pattern that may not fit you long-term. At Precision Yoga, we want you to purchase classes only because you are fully interested in the practice of yoga. You should never feel any obligation to be constrained by burdensome costs of improving your health.

We believe that properly practiced yoga improves people’s lives, and we also believe in self-improvement for Precision Yoga as an organization.

Our Principles.

We believe in the power of practicing yoga, and doing so with purpose and exactness. We believe in the most American of principles, too: freedom.



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